The Health and Climate Resilience Lab

המעבדה לבריאות וחוסן אקלימי | مختبر الصحة والحصانة المناخية

Current projects 

The U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation. Equitable resilience to heat: Modeling the consequences of community coordination and heat policy in two coastal cities. With Prof. Tally Katz-Gerro, Prof. Asaf Levanon, Prof. Moira Zellner, Prof. Laure Kuhl. 

Ministry of Science and Technology. Adaptation of Healthcare Services for Populations Vulnerable to Climate Change in the Negev Region of Israel: Promoting Evidence-Informed Policymaking. With Dr. Stav Shapira and Dr. Anat Rosenthal.

Europe Aid and MISEREOR. Harnessing Professional Expertise and Localized Knowledge for Collaborative Climate Resilience in Shefa-‘Amr.
Project leader: Galilee Society, project partner: Shefa-‘Amr municipality.

University of Haifa – Impact research. Combating the Urban Heat Island and protecting vulnerable populations in Haifa: Integrating student project-based learning into the Extreme Heat Challenge. 

KKL. The effects of policy interventions in reducing consumption of single-use plastic in nature sites managed by municipal authorities. With Prof. Ofira Ayalon. 

National Institute for Health Policy and Research. Adaptation of Healthcare Services for Populations Vulnerable to Climate Change in Israel: Promoting Evidence-Informed Policymaking and Closing Gaps Between Center and Periphery. With Dr. Stav Shapira and Dr. Anat Rosenthal. 

Israel Science Foundation (ISF). Using satellite-based spatiotemporal resolved air temperature exposure to evaluate the association between weather conditions and risk of stroke. With Prof. Galit Weinstein and Prof. Shlomit Paz.

Open University, Sustainability Center. Climate resilience and health in the Arab Sector – a National Survey. With the Galilee Society.

For previous environmental health policy projects, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Environment and Health Fund, National Institute of Health Policy Research and more, see publications.