The Health and Climate Resilience Lab

המעבדה לבריאות וחוסן אקלימי | مختبر الصحة والحصانة المناخية

The goal of our lab is to explore health aspects of climate change resilience. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges for humanity in the 21st century, with severe consequences for public health. Our work in this field focuses on three interrelated themes: empirical exploration of hazards, exposures and vulnerabilities to climate change and their distribution among different sectors of the population; improving our understanding of how climate change impacts public health; and development and integration of scientific evidence to support adaptation and resilience to climate change. We research adaptation to climate change across scales, including global health, national government, the health sector, and local authorities. Our current interests include urban vulnerability and climate resilience, adaptation to heatwaves, and adaptation in the health sector. Our projects include engagement with policy-makers and local populations, facilitating evidence-based climate resilience adapted to local contexts. Our work also includes broader projects on environmental policy and health policy.

Research fields:  Adaptation to climate change, climate change and public health, climate resilience, Environmental health policy, evidence-based policy, science-policy interface.

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